Act Your Age

Acting Studio for kids, hosted by Alma Zak


In this studio based show, award winning celebrity actress Alma Zak, accompanied by five aspiring young actors (age 9-12), host a well-known stage or screen actor or actress. Together they talk about and experience hands-on different aspects of the art of acting. For the audience at home this is a peek into the magical world of talent, hard work and secrets of the profession.

Episodes are formed as a mini master class in acting. After the kids hold a brief introductory interview with our guest, he demonstrates, with the help of our charming and playful host, a method, skill or know-how from his own career and experience. Then it’s the kids’ turn as the guest mentors them to perform a scene or segment of his choice, applying what they’ve just learnt and shaping their delivery as they progress. 

Complemented with a green-screen backdrop that adjusts to each scene, this show is as magical as it is playful, and promotes what it is that kids do best: make believe!

Cast & Crew

Alma Zak


Alon Alush


Ruth Efroni


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad and Idit Mistriel