The Ran Quadruplet

A story of 4 brothers reaching the age of 32 through the camera of a television reporter working on a documentary project which follows the family since their birth, filming them once every 8 years. The series starts while filming the 5th chapter of their lives, when they arrive to the age of 32.

2008 / 14 Episodes of 35 min / ISRAEL / Video / Hebrew
Cast & Crew

Season 1- Yariv Horowitz,

Season 2- Shlomi Elkabetz


Giyora Yahalom,

Oren Jacobi


Iftach Klein

Oshri Sahar

Hagar Ben Asher

Oded Leopold

Nurit Galron

Yusuf Abu Warda

Michal Yanai

Director of Photography:

Season 1- Amnon Zlayet,

Season 2- Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov


Levana Hakim

Costume designer:

Yam Brosilovsky


Eilon Ratzkovsky,

Yossi Uzrad,

Guy Jacoel,

Noa Lifshitz,

Yochanan Kredo