It All Begins at Sea

Hakol Mathil Bayam (original title)

This is a story about the coming of age of the Goldsteins, an Israeli Family coping with various life experiences friendship, love, sex, death. these experiences all involve a longing for expading their family, along with the relization that they are destined to remain a threesome: Father, Mother and Child.


The first episode takes place at the seaside. The second unfolds in the Ashkelon National Park, among the ancient statues, trees, and tall stone fortifications. The third takes us into the new home the famili has moved to in anticipation of the birth of a baby girl, sister to the boy. Each of these situations becomes fraught with danger and drama; taken all together they will bind the three family menbers to each other more strongly and more profoundly than before.


Fate play tricks with the Goldsteins, showing them its light and amusing aspect as well as its menacing, severe one.


Three people must face this arbitrary fickleness, if only to understand that they have nothing but one another.

2008 / ISRAEL / 35mm / 1:85 / Color / 93mn / Dolby SRD / Hebrew
Produced with the support of The Jehoshua Rabinowitz Tel-Aviv Foundation for the Arts - Cinema Project, Keshet Broadcasting, YES Israeli Satellite Television.
Cast & Crew

Eitan Green


Eitan Green


Yuval Segal

Dorit Lev Ari

Ron Jaegermann

Jonathan Alster

Director of Photography:

Shai Goldman


Era Lapid

Production designer:

Miguel Mirkin


Hila Yuval

Costume designer:

Zmira Ratzkovsky

Original Score:

Josef Bardanashvilli


Eilon Ratzkovsky

Yossi Uzrad

Yochanan Kredo

Koby Gal-Raday

It All Begins at Sea

It All Begins at Sea

Hakol Mathil Bayam (original title)

Tbilisl Film Festival 2010 Syracuse Internatoinal Film Festival 2010 Toronto JFF 2009 WorldFest International Independent Film Festival 2009 World Film Festival Montreal 2009