“Ron" is a comedy-drama TV series written and starring the show’s creator Ron Feldman as a fictionalized version of himself - a thirty something year old child, who is more a spectator of his own life than a main character in them. Between watching the little girl picking her nose on the bus and observing the homeless guy washing-up in the trashcan, Ron hardly has time for himself. He has no college degree or a job, and lives in his grandmother's rotting apartment. He would love to find comfort in his sweetheart's arms - but she doesn’t exist. Now that he realizes that he has to get his act together, we follow him on his clear path to oblivion.

The show has a loose format, consisting of largely unconnected storylines and segments that revolve around Ron’s life. 2 story lines are persistent throughout the season: Ron’s effort to awake from his 10 year adolescent “coma” regardless of his over-indulging parents and his attempt at finding a romantic attachment – at least one that is not based on contempt and animosity. All this as he tackles the constant leakage of his moldering apartment.

Cast & Crew

Ron Feldman


Ron Feldman

Anat Oren

Director of Photography:

Dan Sachar


Merav Nahoum


Eilon Ratzkovsky,

Yossi Uzrad,

Guy Jacoel, 

Eze Sakson