Bilti Hafich

“Irreversible” is a comedy series that follows a couple coping with their newborn baby – with an emphasis on their relationship and what’s left of it after ‘the bundle of joy’ brings everything crashing down. Rona and Udi Klein are a pair of workaholic narcissists who, like many of their generation, have chosen late parenthood, after building their lives and their marriage. But the struggle to combine their new lives as parents of a newborn with their old, free and wild lifestyle will force them to hatch one plan after the other, pursuing schemes and lies that almost always fail, backfiring in their faces and setting them back to an even lower starting point.


2012/ 13 Episodes of 30min / ISRAEL / Video / Hebrew
Produced for Reshet – Israeli Commercial channel 2
Cast & Crew

Sigal Avin


Sigal Avin


Addl. Writer Raanan Shaked


Adi Ashkenazi

Muli Shulman

Yael Amit

Iris Bahr

Shmulik Vilogni

Gala Kogan

Director of Photography:

Nadav Hekselman


Michal Cohen

Production designer:

Ido Dolev


Naama Zaltzman and Liron Zohar

Costume designer:

Michal Dor


Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Yochanan Kredo