We Are Not Alone

Anachnu lo levad (original title)

Eddie is a lonesome young man who works as a security guard at a big shopping mall. Eddie strongly believes in an old prophecy predicting the very near end of all human civilization.

Just as he is getting ready to embark on a carefully planned escape journey, Eddie meets Mai, a very intelligent yet anti-social young woman, with a dubious past. As the last days before the fateful date go by, May gradually insert herself into Eddie's life and heart until finally Eddie must choose whether to stay and abandon his hope to escape the upcoming apocalypse, or leave and lose his chance for intimacy and real love.


Produced with the support of: The Israeli Film Fund, Keshet

Cast & Crew

Lior Har Lev


Izhar Har Lev

Lior Har Lev


Ohad Knoller

Efrat Ben Yaakov

Director of Photography:

Shai Goldman


Michal Cohen

Production designer:

Ido Dolev


Anna Feinstein

Costume designer:

Li Alembik

Original Score:

Ishay  Adar


Eilon Ratzkovsky

Yossi Uzrad

Guy Jacoel

Yochanan Kredo

Lior Har Lev

Ilan Ben Dov

Gilad Schneider

We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Anachnu lo levad (original title)

Haifa Film Festival 2011

We Are Not Alone

Anachnu lo levad (original title)