Still Standing

"Still Standing" is an exciting prime-time gameshow developed by the July-August team

One contestant takes on 10 opponents in nerve-wracking head-to-head trivia duels until he is left the last one standing. The prime-time gameshow format offers contestants the chance to win $1 million by beating ten opponents in a series of 10 fast-paced and dramatic trivia matches. As the clock winds down, contestants fight to be the last one still standing. if they're left scrambling for the answer, they'll literally be dropped out of the game – straight through the floor of the studio!


Each challenger is represented by a coin concealing an unknown cash prize which could hold an amount ranging from $1 to $50,000. Neither the contestant nor his opponent knows how much their trivia duel will be worth until one of them loses and drops out of the game.


Currently the show is on air in Israel, US, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, China and Hungary with great success and will soon begin its run in additional territories in Europe, Asia and South America.

Cast & Crew

Yaron Brovinsky

Format By:

Amit Stretiner, Eitan Brown, Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad


Amit Stretiner


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad,Idit Mistriel 

Still Standing