Many years ago, the children who made up the group HASAMBA helped establish the state of Israel and guard it from many dangers, becoming a legend in the process. Today, no one remembers or takes an interest in them. The former leader of HASAMBA, Yaron Zehavi, is a lonely, monkish old man. He and Tamar split up, and he’s retired in complete solitude. When Tamar finds herself caught up against her will in a big corruption scandal and is kidnapped, Yaron goes out looking for her along with Iggy, a spoiled Tel Aviv teenager, who's supposed to "help" the elderly Yaron as part of an extracurricular high school program. Yaron and Iggy form a tight bond, and the two embark on a journey that reunites them with all the old HASAMBA members: Moshe Yerachmiel, Menashe the Yemenite, fat Ehud, Shulamit the nurse, and thin Uzi. After the members of HASAMBA rescue Tamar from the clutches of the crime lords, they discover that the country's largest cell phone corporation, Zurcom (run by the children of their old nemesis Elimelech Zurkin) is behind the plot. The veteran HASAMBA members, aided by a new group of teens formed against all odds, are faced with dangerous foes. They try to solve the mystery of the death of Ori, Yaron and Tamar's son. Together, old and new HASAMBA members struggle to save the country from the hands of Zurcom, and from traitors from without and within.

HASAMBA is based on the highly successful books by that name, that were written back in the 1950's by Igal Mosinzon.
2013/Season 2/ 13 Episodes of 35 min / ISRAEL / Video / Hebrew
2010/Season 1/ 17 Episodes of 35 min / ISRAEL / Video / Hebrew

Produced for Hot – Cable TV
Cast & Crew

Danny Syrkin


Dror Nobleman,

Ruti Zaid


Oded Kotler

Nira Rabinovitz – Ben- Nun

Hugo Yarden

Gabi Amrani

Yair Rubin

Tzipi Shavit

Shay Li Hearsch

Tomer Ofner

Itay Turgeman

Yulia Plotkin


Director of Photography:

Giora Bejach


Marta Vizletir,

Avigail Avshalom- Dahan,

Roni Klimovsky,

Tal Rabiner

Production designer:

Oren Hanan


Yael Aviv

Original Score:

Tuk Tuk


Eilon Ratzkovsky,

Yochanan Kredo,

Noa Lifshitz,

Yossi Uzrad,

Guy Jacoel,

Renen Mosinzon