Who's Muse?

In this TV studio show,  veteran TV personality Yaron London, accompanied by a group of charming 8-12 year olds, host a half hour interview and hands-on exploration into the creative process and know-how of a first-class Israeli artist. 

Each episode presents one prominent artist from the field of music, writing, acting, directing, dance or visual arts and is set as a Master Class for kids, encouraging them to ask, experience and demystify creativity, inspiration and artistic processes.  With short story writer Etgar Keret the kids created a short plot based on elements they obtained by tossing a dice. With composer and singer Shlomi Shaban they helped compose music to lyrics which they wrote.  They presented self-portraits photography and discussed them with Journalist Photographer Alex Libak and performed Shakespearian monologues facilitated by actor Itay Tiran. 

Who’s Muse is a fun, interactive and highly intelligent rendering of creative drive and process, inviting kids to take part in an “I can do that too!” attitude.

In its third season, the show turns to explore the same drive and know how – only now in the field of social and natural sciences. 


No. of episodes: 45


Produced for Educational TV  

Cast & Crew

Yaron London 

Format By:

Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad


Alon Alush


Ruth Efroni


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad and Idit Mistriel