Route 90

Voyaging the back yard of Israel

Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-on travel to the Israeli present.

They road trip Route 90 – the lowest highway in the world, the longest  road in Israel, the only one to connect it from side to side, border to border. Route 90 stretches through the Great Rift Valley, perhaps though the Israeli rift as well. It crawls by the landscapes that once were at the security and ideological forefront and now are the mere back yard, the outskirts.

In a two-week documented road-trip, starting in Metula and ending in Taba, Anat and Modi meet the people who live on the eastern edge of Israel, listen to their stories and document the feeling of many – the feeling that the country has turned its back on them,  somehow lost interest in them.

Cast & Crew

Modi Bar-on

Format By:

Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-on


Anat Zeltser


Modi Bar-on

Director of Photography:

Daniel Kedem 


Ido Mochrik


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad, Yossi Uzrad, Idit Mistriel


Route 90