Mermaids is a thriller set in Eilat.

It revolves around Shelley Toledano, 32, a policewoman with the Illegal Aliens unit, which is mostly devoted to documenting and following refugees from Africa who infiltrate the city through its border with Egypt.


Shelley is rugged and outspoken, and used to the difficult sights that come with the job. But one day, when the body of the person closest to her is found, her life is turned upside down.


2014/Season 1/ 10 Episodes of 40 min / ISRAEL / Video / Hebrew

Produced for Hot – Cable TV


Stills: Tzahi Zelniker and Eyal Nevo


Cast & Crew

Adam Sandsrson


Shachar Magen 


Magi Azarzar

Sasson Gabai

Alon Aboutboul

Roy Nik



Director of Photography:

Nadav Hekselman


Simon Herman

Zohar Sela

Production designer:

Carmela Sanderson


Yael Aviv

Costume designer:

Laura Sheim

Original Score:

Frank Ilfman


Eilon Ratzkovsy, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Yochanan Kredo, Eze Sakson