Zero Motivation

Three consecutive stories, The Substitute, The Virgin and The Commander, recount the events of an administration office at a remote army base in the Israeli desert. The stories compose a military epic of power-struggles, intrigues and a friendship on trial. But unlike the traditional war genre films, Zero Motivation brings to center-stage the military's female clerical staff. The film depicts the three soldiers' real - and surreal, comical - and gloomy journey inside the maze of military bureaucracy. For a staple-gun in the first act is sure to go off in the third.



2014/ ISRAEL / DCP/ 100 min. / Dolby SRD / Hebrew
Co Production with HAUT ET COURT, France  
Cast & Crew

Talya Lavie


Talya Lavie


Dana Ivgy

Nelly Tagar

Shani Klein

Heli Twito

Meytal Gal

Tamara Klingon

Dana Meinrath

Elad Semama


Director of Photography:

Yaron Scharf


Arik Lahav- Leibovich

Production designer:

Ron Zikno


Orit Azoulay

Costume designer:

Yael Kredo

Original Score:

Ran Bagno


Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Yochanan Kredo

Zero Motivation

Zero Motivation

Tribeca Film Festival 2014

Zero Motivation