Ananda is a romantic crime comedy which takes place in India. Anna is abandoned by her love Jonathan who leaves her an original parting gift: a plane ticket to India so that she can overcome the sadness of the breakup. She goes just to show him that she doesn't care and spends all her time closed up in her room in a guesthouse in the Himalayas. She only leaves her room to call Jonathan and beg him to come back to her, to no avail. A fateful meeting with Omer and Amir, two veteran trekkers, causes Anna to leave her room and travel with them throughout the sub continent, in order to make Jonathan Jealous. But Omer and Amir have a hidden and less innocent motive. When Anna discovers the truth it will already be too late.


2012/ 8 Episodes of 35min/ ISRAEL / Video / Hebrew


Produced for Hot – Cable TV

Cast & Crew

Ohav Flantz


Dana Modan


Dana Modan

Kais Nashif

Moshe Ashkenazi

Yechazkel Lazarov

Director of Photography:

Roman Linetzky


Yuval Sher

Production designer:

Shunit Aharoni


Michal Koren

Costume designer:

Maya More

Original Score:

Ofer Meiri


Eilon Ratzkovsky,

Yossi Uzrad,

Guy Jacoel,

Yochanan Kredo