The Office

"The Office" is a mocumentary series based on the British show of the same name. Somewhere within the industrial area of Yahud is a grey, drab office, the failing branch of an office supply company heroically named "Paper-Office".

The branch is run by the show's protagonist, Avi Meshulam, a 40-year-old loser, who's overweight and has severe self-image issues that turn him into a liar, a suck-up, and a generally unbearable human being. He's absolutely sure that he's a wonderful standup comedian, who wound up in this boring, humiliating job purely by chance. Management is constantly trying to fire him, his employees despise him, yet he is ever the optimist, and he talks in catch phrases lifted from the most banal management books.

He is surrounded by the range of characters that make up the impossible mosaic of Israeli society. Romance flourishes, schemes are hatched, lamination machines are sold on sale– and everybody tries to make it through yet another day with their unbearable boss.



2012/ Season 2/ 15 Episodes of 25 min / ISRAEL / HD / Hebrew
2010/ Season 1/ 15 Episodes of 25 min / ISRAEL / HD / Hebrew

Produced for Yes- satellite TV
Cast & Crew

Eitan Zur


Uzi Weil


Dvir Benedek

Maayan Blum

Mali Levy

Eldad Frives

Noa Wolman

Dima Ross

Jameel Khoury

Helena Yaralova

Yossi Vassa

Roberto Polak

Alon Hamawi

Yaniv Swissa

Hilla Surjon Fischer

Amir Wolf

Ayelet Robinson 



Director of Photography:

Yoram Milo


Boaz Lion

Production designer:

Ido Dolev


Merav Nahoum

Costume designer:

Ofir Hazan

Original Score:

Ran Bagno


Eilon Ratzkovaky,

Yossi Uzrad,

Guy Jacoel,

Yochanan Kredo,

Noa Lifshitz,

Omer Manor