Look At Me

A 15 minute Children’s talk show featuring a host and a panel of four curious children and a funny Zebra Muppet who usually says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

In each episode the host and the children interview a highly successful adult who overcame serious difficulties and disabilities experienced in childhood.  Among the guests on the show were Minster of Education who shared with the audience his struggles to stay calm in class as a child with ADHD, Yehudah Poliker- a well-known singer who overcame a severe stutter with singing and Beza Nabeba- a blind Olympic marathoner. 

Besides the interview, the members of the show play short games aimed to help them think outside the box and undermine stereotypical perception and prejudice.

Look at Me is a fun and intelligent show which opens our eyes to the vast diversity of our society and shows that people can work through difficult challenges and come out a winner.

No. of episodes: 60

Produced for Educational TV  

Cast & Crew

Avri Gilad


Alon Alush


Asaf becker


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad and Idit Mistriel