The Worst Company in the World


This is a documentary about the 3 clumsy workers of a small family insurance agency. They are all in their late 50`s, chubby bold, bearded with massive glasses, and though they are kind, easy going, sensitive and broad minded gentlemen, they know nothing about business and are on a verge of bankruptcy in any aspect of life.
The film documents their survival attempt during the 2008`s economical crisis...
2009/ ISRAEL / 50 min. /BETA / color / Hebrew
The film was produced with the support of: YES Docu, The New Fund for Cinema and TV

Cast & Crew

Regev Contes


Regev Contes


Carol Contes

Ltzi Contes

Moshe Frenkel

Director of Photography:

Itai Raziel

Regev Contes

benji Cohen


Arik Lahav Leibovich

Original Score:

Uri Ophir


Eilon Ratzkovsky

Yossi Uzrad

Guy Jacoel

Noa Lifshitz

The Worst Company in the World

The Worst Company in the World


The Prize from the Student Jury “For virtuosity and irony”. Krakow Film Festival 2010 Docudays Ukraine - IFF Human Rights Documentary Days 2010 ZagrebDox IFF 2010 Bratislava IFF 2009 Mayor of Tel-Aviv- Yaffo Award for a Young & Promising Filmmaker
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